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While the mysteries of flossing may seem like a heavily guarded secret, the truth is that proper flossing methods are well known and distributed within the dental community and are known by all dental professionals in nearly the same way.
The excitement of a better smile awaits with dental floss. The key to understanding dental floss includes the following:

– Always use dental floss that has the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance or a floss that has been recommended by your dentist.

– A normal flossing session should last between 2 to 3 minutes each time, with every single tooth being cleaned between, including the back row.

– Most often, the best type of floss is one durable enough to clean between all of your teeth each session without tearing. Look for shred resistant floss such as single filament thread.

– To help prevent the spread of any plaque around your mouth, use a strand at least 18 inches long so you never have to use the same part of the strand between more than one tooth.

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