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In the world of dentistry, there are many different areas of specialists that can help you in a plethora of ways. Periodontics is a unique branch of dentistry that requires individual years of training and education to assist you with your oral health needs. Seeking a dentist specializing in periodontics is wise when it comes to treating specific help with matters of the teeth and gums.

Our dentists, Dr. Michael Bergstein and Dr. Kyle Nordeen, are happy to help you with your periodontics needs. Our team at Plaza Dental PA in Lakeville, Minnesota, is also thrilled to help you understand this special and unique branch of dentistry.

Here are some facts on periodontics and why they are important:
– Periodontics requires additional years of study to complete their training.
– Periodontics focuses primarily on your gums as well as the application of dental implants.
– Periodontic treatments include root planning, root service debridement and scaling.
– Through the use of periodontics, it may be possible to have dental implants installed and repaired.
– If you are suffering from gingivitis or any other version or stage of gum disease, it may be helpful to visit our dentist for treatments.

As you can see, periodontics can help you with many different needs you may have. If you have questions about our practice or need an appointment, please call us today at 952-236-1888. Our team is thrilled to assist you.