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Are you stressed at the thought of visiting your dentist? Do you feel queasy about the idea of someone working on your teeth and gums? Do the sounds you often here at a dentist office often bother you? If so, you suffer from a condition known as dental anxiety.

When the time comes, it is essential to have a dental anxiety prevention plan in place to ensure your smile can function as intended. This includes working on breathing patterns to help ease any stress or anxiety that you may feel any time. When visiting your dentist, it’s always a good idea to imagine yourself at a place of happiness such as a beautiful, warm beach, or a lively garden or any place that makes you smile.

Furthermore, receiving oral health care treatments in the form of sedation dentistry can help to calm and relax patients and remove any symptoms associated with the fear of any oral health care procedures they may have. Many types of sedation exist help calm and relax patients or even put patients to sleep. Speak with your dentist about any kinds of available sedatives.

If you are afraid of visiting your dentist office, speak with your dentist about listening to calming or relaxing music during your oral health care procedures. In addition, treatments such as fidget spinners and squeeze balls can be used to help alleviate the stress you may feel during treatments. It’s also helpful to work on your breathing and continue to visualize yourself in a place of happiness.

Do you wish to see a dentist in Lakeville, Minnesota for dental anxiety treatments? If so, our team at Plaza Dental PA can help. Dr. Bergstein and our team can give you a complete oral examination to determine which dental anxiety treatments are best for you and your oral health desires. To book a trip to our dentist office, call us at 952-236-1888 to schedule an appointment.