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There are many types of dental restorations, including dental crowns. A dental crown is a restoration that is shaped like a tooth and is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. At Plaza Dental PA, we provide tooth-colored, aesthetic dental crowns. Dr. Bergstein may recommend a dental crown in Lakeville, Minnesota, to:

– Hold a weak tooth together and protect it

– Restore a broken tooth

– Support a bridge

– Restore a tooth that has widespread decay

– Restore a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment

– Improve the appearance of a tooth

Our dentist will first examine the tooth and take X-rays of the tooth’s root and the surrounding bone. This will help determine if root canal therapy is needed. Your tooth will then be numbed so that it can be prepared and shaped for the crown. An impression of the tooth is then made so that your crown can be custom made. A shade will also be chosen that closely matches that of your natural teeth.

Once your dental crown is complete, our dentist will check the fit and color. If everything is as it should be, the new crown is permanently cemented into place.

To learn more about dental crowns and to schedule your appointment with our dentist, please contact us today.