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Our dentist, Dr. Bergstein can use dental fillings to repair a small area of compromised tooth enamel. This is a common treatment for minor cases of tooth decay, small dental fractures or lost tooth enamel.

A dental filling can be used to replace a small area of tooth enamel often with a composite resin that will mimic the look and function of your natural tooth. Once the filling has been placed, it will strengthen the tooth and allow you to chew and bite normally again. Over time, the filling might start to loosen its bond with the tooth enamel. This is often caused by a failure to brush and floss on a regular basis. If one of your fillings falls out, you need to have the tooth examined by your dentist. With early detection and treatment, he might be able to prevent another cavity or an infection. In many of these cases he can install a replacement dental filling or restore the tooth with a crown. If the internal core of the tooth was compromised he might need to perform a root canal. After treating the tooth, our dentist and his staff will talk with you about the changes to your oral hygiene routine that will help preserve the tooth and prevent future cavities.

If you live in the area surrounding Lakeville, Minnesota, and you are missing a dental filling, you should call 952-236-1888 to have it treated as soon as possible at Plaza Dental PA.