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Here at Plaza Dental PA in Lakeville, Minnesota, our dentists, Dr. Bergstein and Dr. Nordeen, frequently uses a dental crown to restore a tooth that was significantly affected by tooth decay, or a dental fracture. This might also be in conjunction with cosmetic dental restorations, or the final phase of treating a tooth with endodontic therapy.

The materials used for a dental crown such as gold, dental grade porcelain, and base metal alloys are known to rival the structural integrity of natural tooth enamel. Yet it is still possible for something like a hard household fall or a grinding your teeth while sleeping, to chip or fracture a dental crown. People with a bad habit of chewing on desktop items or improvising their teeth to open packaging are also at increased risk of suffering fractured dental work.

If you have a damaged or otherwise compromised dental crown you need to have it examined as soon as possible by our dentists and their staff. The longer you procrastinate professional attention, the more likely you are to experience significant complications.

After a thorough examination will help you understand your treatment options. This might include completely replacing the compromised dental crown, or performing endodontic therapy to restore sufficient structure to support a new dental crown.

If you live in the Lakeville, Minnesota, area and you have a chipped or fractured dental crown, you should not delay in calling 952-236-1888 to seek professional treatment at Plaza Dental PA.